Vol. 8 Issue 1 Part A

2024, Vol. 8 Issue 1, Part A
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Nephrotic syndrome treatment with Unani formulation
Bushra Sabir, Iqra Hashmi and MN Khan
Pages: 01-05  -  Viewed: 285  -  Downloaded: 138  -  Country: India
Clinical study for validation of safety and efficacy of Laooq Khayar Shambar for symptomatic relief in Nazla (Common cold)
ZH Siddiqui, Mohd Arshad, Najm-us-Sehar, Fasih Ahmad, Mohd Naime, Barkat Bari, Amir, Jamal Akhtar and Mohd Nafees Khan
Pages: 06-11  -  Viewed: 221  -  Downloaded: 93  -  Country: India
Concept of Saman-E-Mufrit (Obesity) and treatment in Unani system of medicine
Dr. Amreen Fatima, Dr. Vijay Bhan Singh, Dr. Faiyaz Ahmad and Dr. MN Khan
Pages: 12-15  -  Viewed: 333  -  Downloaded: 165  -  Country: India
Design, development and evaluation of classical Unani dosage form and drug delivery system with respect to novel dosage form: A review
Amreen, Siddiqui AI and Saleem MN
Pages: 16-22  -  Viewed: 561  -  Downloaded: 269  -  Country: India
Anti-hyperglycaemic effect of Emblica officinalis fruits to Swiss Albino Mice
Dr. Nargish Marjhan¬, Syed Abdullah Al Mahmud Siddiquee and Md. Abdul Mannan
Pages: 23-25  -  Viewed: 474  -  Downloaded: 109  -  Country: Bangladesh
Clinical study for validation of safety and efficacy of Laooq Sapistan for symptomatic relief in Nazla (Common Cold)
ZH Siddiqui, Mohd Arshad, Fasih Ahmad, Mohd Naime, Amir, Jamal Akhtar and Mohd Nafees Khan
Pages: 26-33  -  Viewed: 247  -  Downloaded: 128  -  Country: India
A clinical study of Unani formulation in the management of chronic sinusitis: An open randomized, controlled study
Dr. Mohd Tauseef Alam, Mohammad Sheeraz Mushtaque Ahmed, Shameem Ahmad Rather, Nida Khan and Mohd Afsahul Kalam
Pages: 34-42  -  Viewed: 253  -  Downloaded: 130  -  Country: India
A study on the measures to maintain equable temperament of Mashaikh
Abid Nadeem Nomani, Ferasat Ali and Dr. Arshi Riaz
Pages: 43-50  -  Viewed: 247  -  Downloaded: 136  -  Country: India
Namak Ta’am (Sodium chloride), an inorganic compound drug: A review
Dr. Raghubanshi, Mohd Tauseef Alam, Amir, Mohammad Idris, Mohd Nafees Khan and Jamal Akhtar
Pages: 51-54  -  Viewed: 221  -  Downloaded: 107  -  Country: India
An Ayurvedic diet supplement for Kuposhita children of India
Dr. Soni
Pages: 55-57  -  Viewed: 136  -  Downloaded: 45  -  Country: India
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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