Vol. 7 Issue 1 Part A

2023, Vol. 7 Issue 1, Part A
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A comprehensive review of Emblica officinalis (Āmla): Its medicinal properties and therapeutic uses
Shabir Ahmad Bhat, Abid Farooq and Arsheed Iqbal
Pages: 01-03  -  Viewed: 608  -  Downloaded: 337  -  Country: India
Prevalence of multiple diseases in Shivpuri area of Lucknow with special reference to Wajaul Mufassil Arthritis
Amreen Fatima, Vijay Bhan Singh and MN Khan
Pages: 04-10  -  Viewed: 454  -  Downloaded: 195  -  Country: India
Constipation and its management
Dr. Ruwais Hameed
Pages: 06-08  -  Viewed: 91  -  Downloaded: 37  -  Country: India
Gaozaban (Borago officinalis L.): A review of its phytochemical constituents and pharmacological activities
Faiyaz Ahmad, Vijay Bhan Singh, Amreen Fatima, Najmus Sehar and Mohammad Nafees Khan
Pages: 11-15  -  Viewed: 480  -  Downloaded: 232  -  Country: India
An observational study of headache disability index with reference to different Mizaj to evaluate life quality of headache patients
Dr. KM Fizza Fatma, Dr. Shaikh Nilofar, Dr. Uzma Almas and Dr. Yusuf Jamal
Pages: 16-20  -  Viewed: 358  -  Downloaded: 92  -  Country: India
Study of effect of beetroot juice in muscle damage recovery during anaerobic exercise with reference to unani system of medicine
Dr. Rishi Kumar, Dr. Ehtesham-ul-Haq, Dr. Kalimullah and Dr. Yusuf Jamal
Pages: 21-26  -  Viewed: 547  -  Downloaded: 280  -  Country: India
An evaluation of phytochemical constituents of sweet flag (Acorus calamus), a Unani herbal medicine
Zeenathunnisa Begum, Samiya Mohsin, Ummul Khyr Zojajah, Najam Rehan and Syeda Sameena Aziz
Pages: 27-37  -  Viewed: 424  -  Downloaded: 157  -  Country: India
Anjeer (Ficus carica Linn.): A famous fruit with distinct pharmacological properties: A review
Ansari Mohd. Masihuzzaman and Munshi Younis Iftikhar
Pages: 38-42  -  Viewed: 370  -  Downloaded: 142  -  Country: India
Measurement the level of some immunoglobulins IgG, IgM and IgA among women practicing aerobic exercises in fitness halls in the holy city of Kerbala
Sawsan Darweesh Jari
Pages: 43-45  -  Viewed: 347  -  Downloaded: 105  -  Country: Iraq
The efficacy and safety of a Unani pharmacopoeal formulations-raughan kahu in Sahar (Insomnia): A preliminary study
Parvez Khan, Radhey Shyam Verma, Sadia Ayub, Sheereen Afza, Jamal Akhtar and Asim Ali Khan
Pages: 46-51  -  Viewed: 312  -  Downloaded: 107  -  Country: India
Chakshumehari Gutika: A critical review article
Dr. Ashlekha Sharma
Pages: 52-54  -  Viewed: 332  -  Downloaded: 143  -  Country: India
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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