Vol. 6 Issue 1 Part A

2022, Vol. 6 Issue 1, Part A
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Understanding urticaria, and their management: An appraisal
Dr. Md. Gheyasuddin, Dr. Khalid Eqbal and Dr. Md. Najmuddin
Pages: 01-05  -  Viewed: 962  -  Downloaded: 460  -  Country: India
A review of Mazu and its medicinal uses in Unani medicine
Matiur Rehman, Iqbal Aziz, Rahida Hilal, Yasmin Aziz and Nishat Afroz
Pages: 06-10  -  Viewed: 1082  -  Downloaded: 524  -  Country: India
Hijama (Wet cupping) an ancient traditional healing: A review
Saif Ali Siddiqui and Mohammad Shoaib
Pages: 11-16  -  Viewed: 1084  -  Downloaded: 641  -  Country: India
Babchi (Psoralea corylifolia Linn.): An effective Unani medicine for dermatological disorders: A review
Ansari Mohd Masihuzzaman, Munshi Younis Iftikhar, Bilal Alia and Khanam Farheen
Pages: 17-21  -  Viewed: 667  -  Downloaded: 270  -  Country: India
Clinical validation of efficacy and safety of Unani Pharmacopoeial formulations - Majoon-e-Sūranjān & Habb-e-Azaraqi in patients of Niqris (Gout)
Dr. Shamsul Arfeen, Dr. Barkat Bari, Dr. Rafat Khanam, Dr. Jamal Akhtar, Dr. Nighat Anjum, Dr. M Nafees Khan, Dr. Naheed Parveen and Asim Ali Khan
Pages: 22-27  -  Viewed: 662  -  Downloaded: 257  -  Country: India
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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