Vol. 6, Issue - 1, Part A (2022)

2022, Vol. 6 Issue 1, Part APages: 11-16

Hijama (Wet cupping) an ancient traditional healing: A review

Saif Ali Siddiqui and Mohammad Shoaib
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Hijama is an Arabic word that means to suck, it is an ancient traditional healing method that is practiced since antiquity and in today’s scenario, and there is growing evidence of its potential benefits in the management of lifestyle and pain-related disorders. Its use has been documented in early Egyptian and Chinese medical practices. Diverse human civilizations have contributed too much to the development of Hijama (wet cupping). Hijama is one of the important regimens (procedures) of Ilaj Bit Tadbeer (Regimental therapy) to prevent and treat the diseases by diverting (Imala-e-mawad) and evacuating (Istefragh-e-mawad) the disease-causing substances (morbid matter) from the site of application of cups on the body. Ilaj Bit Tadbeer is one of the important modes of treatment of Unani medicine. Unani Medicine is based on the four humoral theory of Akhlate Arba (four-body humor) viz Balgham, Safra, Dam & Sauda (Phlegm, bile, blood & black bile). The imbalance in the quality and quantity of these humor leads an individual prone to diseases whereas restoration of this balance maintains the health of a person. Restoration of the equilibrium and balance of natural body humor is done through evacuation and diversion of morbid matter from the site of the disease. Hijama (wet Cupping) is an Unani mode of treatment which is carried out by application of cup-shaped glass vessels on the skin, from which air has been exhausted by heat or special suction apparatus, to divert and evacuate the morbid humor, from the diseased part of the body, to return a displaced organ to its natural position or to encourage the blood flow to the site of Hijama. In Islamic Prophetic medicine an emphasis was given to go for Hijama for the prevention and management of lifestyle and pain-related disorders. In this paper, a detailed review of Hijama will be discussed.
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