Vol. 6, Issue - 3, Part A (2022)

2022, Vol. 6 Issue 3, Part APages: 05-07

An overview of the Asbab-e-wajood (causative factors) required to get the Umdah unnab (best quality jujube)

Mumtaz Jahan, Ashhar Qadeer, Arshi Riaz and Huma Noor
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There are certain factors that are necessary for the existence of anything and are termed Asbab-e-Wajood, which are classified into four types, according to their roles for the purpose of existence. They are namely: 1. Asbab-e-maddiya (material factors) 2. Asbab-e-sauriya (formal factors) 3. Asbab-e-failiya (efficient and co-efficient factors) and 4. Asbab-e-tamamiya (final factors). The discussion deals with two questions. There are numerous species of Zizyphus; among them which one is to be considered the best for medicinal purposes? And what are the factors responsible for cultivating it, keeping the final cause (drug action) in mind? These are some of the questions which we will try to answer through this literary article. The jujube (Zizyphus Vulgaris), family Rhamnaceae is a deciduous tree that is native to China (Unnab walaity) and has been used for thousands of years as food as well as medicine. Almost every part of the plant has medicinal properties, but fruits commonly known as Unnab (Red date, Chinese date) are used worldwide as an ingredient in different formularies of traditional medicine. This paper aims to introduce the Asbab-e-wajood (factors of causation) responsible for obtaining the best quality Unnab (jujube) used for different medicinal purposes.
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Mumtaz Jahan, Ashhar Qadeer, Arshi Riaz, Huma Noor. An overview of the Asbab-e-wajood (causative factors) required to get the Umdah unnab (best quality jujube). Int J Unani Integ Med 2022;6(3):05-07. DOI: 10.33545/2616454X.2022.v6.i3a.213
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