Vol. 5, Issue - 2, Part C (2021)

2021, Vol. 5 Issue 2, Part CPages: 165-169

A brief review on apple and its medicinal uses in Unani Medicine

Hammad, Abdur Rauf and Rubeena Malik
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Tuffah (Apple) is a well-known fruit used throughout the world for its nutrition and unique taste. Apple is primarily used as diet but has some pharmacological activities, although it has more dietary constituents as compared to drug constituents. Like other fruits and vegetables, it also conations dietary fiber which is linked to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and gastrointestinal disorders. Additionally, its strong antioxidant property found to be inhibit cancer cell proliferation, decrease lipid oxidation, and lower cholesterol. In Unani System of Medicine, from Dioscorides to eminent Indian scholars have described its medicinal importance as cardiotonic, cardioprotective, digestive, tonic for vital organs and anthelmintic. This paper is aimed to review the pharmacological details of apple according to Unani and ethnobotanical literature along with its pharmacognostical details. We also summarize the some scientific and pharmacological studies on health benefit of apple.
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Hammad, Abdur Rauf, Rubeena Malik. A brief review on apple and its medicinal uses in Unani Medicine. Int J Unani Integ Med 2021;5(2):165-169. DOI: 10.33545/2616454X.2021.v5.i2c.186
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