Vol. 5, Issue - 2, Part B (2021)

2021, Vol. 5 Issue 2, Part BPages: 111-117

A comprehensive review on therapeutic uses of Myristica fragrans in traditional systems of medicine

MMM Nifras, MFF Fasmila, JF Fatheena and AM Muthalib
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Myristica fragran s is an aromatic evergreen tree which belongs to Myristicaceae family. Nutmeg (seed) and Mace (arillus) which are two separate spices derived from the fruit of tree Myristica fragrans used as spices in culinary and in traditional systems of medicine. This study was carried out to give an overview on Myristica fragrans according to traditional systems of medicine and to review the recent scientific evidences of phytochemical and pharmacological studies systematically. While reviewing the literature, it reveals Myristica fragrans shows therapeutic actions such as appetizer, carminative, digestive, stomachic and aphrodisiac activities and Myristica fragrans shows therapeutic uses such as indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, cough, asthma and sexual debility. Numerous studies have indicated that M. fragrans contains diverse phytochemicals such as Myristicin, Myristic Acid, Trimyristin, Elemicin, Safrole, Lignans, Neolignans, Maceneolignans etc. which exhibit many of pharmacological activities such as Anti-allergic activity, Antibacterial activity, Anti-cancer activity, Anticonvulsant activity, Anti-diabetic activity, Anti-diarrhoel activity, Anti-depressant activity, Anti-fungal activity, Anti-inflammatory activity, Anti-microbial activity, Anti-oxidant activity, Analgesic activity, Aphrodisiac activity, Gastro-protective activity, Hepatoprotective activity, and Immunomodulatory effect. Myristicin, Myristic Acid, Trimyristin are the most active compounds among them. The aim of this review is to comprehensively summarize the phytochemical and pharmacological properties of Myristica fragrans that have reported to date.
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MMM Nifras, MFF Fasmila, JF Fatheena, AM Muthalib. A comprehensive review on therapeutic uses of Myristica fragrans in traditional systems of medicine. Int J Unani Integ Med 2021;5(2):111-117. DOI: 10.33545/2616454X.2021.v5.i2b.180
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