Vol. 3, Issue - 4, Part A (2019)

2019, Vol. 3 Issue 4, Part APages: 40-43

An unani insight of dual feel (Lymphatic filariasis)

Dr. Najmus Sehar and Dr. M. A. Khan
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The word Dual-Feel is word originated from Arabic language, it means, like the leg of an elephant. In Unani system of medicine Dual-Feel is define as swelling of feet and calf, which resembles the leg of an elephant. Lymphatic Filariasis a major public health problem in tropical areas all over the world alternative herbal remedies has been recommended in various medical treatises for the cure of different disease. In this regard there is great opportunity for identifying excellent Unani components or its active principle, particularly in consideration of fact that such substances may provide maximum advantages with cost effectiveness, least side effects. The derangement of balgham and sawda into the human body is cause of the disease the eminent Unani scholar. Zakaria Razi has mentioned that the disease is caused by Black bile (Sawda). Some Unani physicians describe that the disease results due to the abnormality of phlegm (Balgham) and Black bile (Sawda). In the acute stage of the disease the colour of the skin of feet and calf is reddish and gradually according to the chronicity it become black closed to bluish. The aim of this article to describe the complete clinical aspects of lymphatic Filariasis with main emphasis on it causes of diseases and its line of treatment (Usool-e-eIlaj) which described in Unani classical literature.

International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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Dr. Najmus Sehar, Dr. M. A. Khan. An unani insight of dual feel (Lymphatic filariasis). Int J Unani Integ Med 2019;3(4):40-43. DOI: 10.33545/2616454X.2019.v3.i4a.106
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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