Vol. 3, Issue - 4, Part A (2019)

2019, Vol. 3 Issue 4, Part APages: 22-25

Development of (SOPs) standard operating procedure regarding manufacturing processes of Habbe Kafoori

Osama Akhtar, Roohi Zaman, Shariq Shamsi and Seema Rani
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Objectives:There are no specified Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) regarding manufacturing processes of most of the Unani compounds mentioned in the books of Unani System of Medicine. It is a need of hour to develop their Standard Operating Procedures for their manufacturing which is essential to maintain the quality control, avoiding batch to batch variation. Therefore present study was designed to develop the SOPs of Habbe Kafoori (HK) which is used in “Hummae Moharraqa and Hummae Diqe Mewi”.
Methods: Eight batches of HK were prepared according to the general instructions given in the formulary. To develop SOPs of HK; particle size (100 no. mesh sieve) was taken. Binder (Water and Loabe Behidana) were used for preparation of lubdi. Different temperature of drying and duration of drying were carried out to dry the pills in hot air oven. Three parameters were taken for development of SOPs includes, hardness test, friability test and disintegration time. All the batches were assessed three times for hardness disintegration time and friability and mean was taken as standard parameter value.
Results and Conclusion: The developed SOP of HK is as follows: particle size 100 number mesh sieve, binder mucilage of 1.79% w/w Loabe Behidana and DDW 10 ml, temperature of drying 60°C and duration of drying 30 minutes. Hardness 6.57 ± 0.09 kg/cm and friability 0.09 ± 0.01% which was most appropriate result among all the batches and considered as final batch. The procedures used to prepare the final selected batches among all the batches of the lab samples may be used the SOPs for future references.
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Osama Akhtar, Roohi Zaman, Shariq Shamsi, Seema Rani. Development of (SOPs) standard operating procedure regarding manufacturing processes of Habbe Kafoori. Int J Unani Integ Med 2019;3(4):22-25.
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