Vol. 3, Issue - 4, Part A (2019)

2019, Vol. 3 Issue 4, Part APages: 01-02

Efficacy of some unani formulations in osteoarthritis (Waja-ul-Mafasil): A case series study

Dr. Hena Parveen and Dr. Khalid Eqbal
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Waja-ul-Mafasil (Osteoarthritis) is an umbrella term which includes almost all the painful condition soft joints. The clinical presentation of Waja-ul-Mafasil, however, simulates with those of osteoarthritis, which is more prevalent in elderly peoples. This type of illness is difficult to manage partly because of the complex pathophysiology of the disease and partly because of the no-availability of effective drugs that can cure it effectively. Moreover, the allopathic drugs available either to treat osteoarthritis (OA) or for symptomatic relief causes some serious toxicity and adverse drug reaction (ADR). Elderly patients who frequently suffer from this disease are more susceptible for ADR. Therefore; various Unani drugs are effective for the management of joint pain and reducing the load of weight bearing joint, as orally Habb-e-Muquil, Qurs Mafasil, Majoon Chobchini, Qurs Kushta Sadaf, Arq-e-Zeera whereas locally are Roghan Surkh, Roghan Haft Barg, Roghan Baboona as local application Sometimes a device evolving non-drug management of disease has always been welcomed and cherished like Fasd, Hijama and leech therapy is one such method used in Unani System of Medicine to manage a number of diseases including the Waja-ul- Mafasil. This case series study intends to give an overview of the current knowledge of non-surgical treatment for Waja-ul-Mafasil.
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Dr. Hena Parveen, Dr. Khalid Eqbal. Efficacy of some unani formulations in osteoarthritis (Waja-ul-Mafasil): A case series study. Int J Unani Integ Med 2019;3(4):01-02.
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