Vol. 3, Issue - 3, Part A (2019)

2019, Vol. 3 Issue 3, Part APages: 49-52

Classical Review of Gandhaka (Sulphur)- An Ayurvedic Perspective

Ajay Singh, MK Yadav and Rajesh Kumar Mishra
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Today Āyurveda is recognized worldwide as a system of medicine that provides better therapeutically measures and medicines to promote positive health to prevent and cure diseases. This traditional system of medicine of India has an unenviable position in the field of providing remedies for the ailments, as it provides satisfactory answer to all the problems the world is facing today. Gandhaka is the first and most abundantly used drug among Uparasa which has no match among the drugs of Mercurial kingdom. Gandhaka stands next to Pārada in the field of Rasa-śāstra.
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Ajay Singh, MK Yadav, Rajesh Kumar Mishra. Classical Review of Gandhaka (Sulphur)- An Ayurvedic Perspective. Int J Unani Integ Med 2019;3(3):49-52.
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