Vol. 2, Issue - 2, Part B (2018)

2018, Vol. 2 Issue 2, Part BPages: 81-84

Therapeutic potentials of Dalk (Massage therapy): An overview

Abuzar Lari, Mohammed Tausif and Javed Ah Lari
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Regimenal therapies are mostly non medicinal procedures for health promotion in Unani system of medicine. Several regimens have been used by Unani physicians since ancient time. In this review paper, authors have discussed therapeutic potentials of Dalk (Massage) therapy from holistic and modern perspective. Massage is most popular form of Regimenal therapy and has been in use since antiquity. It is a mode of curing certain forms of disease by systemic manipulations, massage with medicated oils is indicated in a number of neurological, musculoskeletal disorders for prophylactic and therapeutic purpose. According to Hippocrates (460 BC–370 BC), the father of medicine, massage, balanced diet, exercise, rest and fresh air are essential to maintain health of a person. According to Ibne Rushd, massage is a type of exercise used for removal of toxins or waste metabolites from the body. A number of Unani physicians recommended Dalk as preventive as well as curative measure.
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Abuzar Lari, Mohammed Tausif, Javed Ah Lari. Therapeutic potentials of Dalk (Massage therapy): An overview. Int J Unani Integ Med 2018;2(2):81-84.
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