Vol. 2, Issue - 2, Part B (2018)

2018, Vol. 2 Issue 2, Part BPages: 125-127

Unani medicines contraindicated during pregnancy used in neurologic diseases: A review

Sana Qayyum and Arshiya Sultana
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The use of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) is growing in the general population. Herbal medicines are used in all countries of the world and are included in the top complementary and alternative medicines therapies used. The state of carrying a developing embryo in the uterus and breast feeding by mothers need safety measures and awareness regarding adverse drug reactions. The particular dangers of these preparations occur due to the belief that they are natural and thus safe in pregnancy. Pregnant and nursing mothers should take extra caution as they are more susceptible to adverse and reactions and toxicities. Some compound in traditional medicines can cross the placenta and are clearly linked to birth defects or other problems.
Appraisal of Unani and conventional literature showed that drugs contraindicated during pregnancy are Brinjasif (Achillea millefium) as the herb is uterine stimulant. Sibr (Aloe barbandesis) in high doses might cause accumulation of blood in pelvic region and reflux stimulation of uterine muscles, thereby causing abortion or premature birth. Afsanteen (Artemisia absinthium) when ingested in large doses can lead to epileptiform seizures and abortion. Asaroon (Asarum europaeum), Papita (Carica papaya), and Qurtum (Carthamus tinctorius) these three act as an emmenagogue. Some other unani drugs that are contraindicated in pregnancy are Karafs,Baboonaj roomi,Shaqaaq-un-noman, Madar, etc.
Therefore, such plants prior to their use should be investigated to better understand their properties, safety, and efficacy with help of clinical trials
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