Vol. 2, Issue - 2, Part A (2018)

2018, Vol. 2 Issue 2, Part APages: 47-51

Medicinal importance of Swertia chirayita in Unani system of medicine

Dr. MD Obydul Hoq
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Background: Herbs orchestrate resurgence and vegetal awakening is supervened everywhere in the world. Medicinal plants always played an important role in the health development of mankind. Chirayita provides us new lead molecules for the development of drugs against various pharmacological targets. Plants included in this family are annual and persistent herbs or shrubs, indigenous to northern moderate stretch of the world.
Objectives: Swertia Chirayita is well known for its medicinal and pharmaceutical importance. In this review studies I will wanted to explore the various pharmacological properties of Chirayta in Unani system of medicine.
Methods: I searched Unani Pharmacopeia of India, Publication of National Herbarium Bangladesh, Bangladesh National Unani Formulary, ND Health facts & PubMed, internet data from inception up to 31March 2018 observational data relating to Chirayta with Unani system of medicine.
Results: Evidence suggests that various listed of Unani Medicine formulated with the Swertia Chirayita among these few are tablet, capsule, syrup and semi-solid etc.

: Basically, Swertia chiretta is a conventional medicinal plant that used in Unani system of medicine. Farming of this very essential and endangered medicinal species should be promoted.
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