International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine

2020, Vol. 4 Issue 2, Part A
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Prevention and management of lifestyle diseases through unani system of medicine
Nushrat Jahan, Jamal Akhtar and Asim Ali Khan
Pages: 01-04  -  Viewed: 67  -  Downloaded: 67  -  Country: India
Anti-Anxiety activity of Kaahu (Lactuca sativa Linn.) and Nilofer (Nympheae Alba Linn.) in animal model
Dr. Manumula Rajaram, Dr. Ghulamuddin Sofi, Dr. Manumula Komala Dr. Manchala Ashok and Dr. Makula Swathi
Pages: 05-08  -  Viewed: 56  -  Downloaded: 23  -  Country: India
Badam shireen (Prunus dulcis Mill): A ghiza-e-dawaee and immunomodulator: A latest review
Ansari Mohd Masihuzzaman, Munshi Younus Iftikhar and Khanum Farheen
Pages: 09-14  -  Viewed: 81  -  Downloaded: 49  -  Country: India
To evaluate the efficacy of qurs kushta faulad and sharbat-e-anar shirin in the management of iron deficiency anemia (Soo-Ul-Qiniya)
Shaikh Saleem Ahmed and Khan Nazia Zubair
Pages: 15-19  -  Viewed: 40  -  Downloaded: 14  -  Country: India
Overview: Unani-Dieto and pharmacotherapy as immuno modulator and prophylaxis for Covid-19
Firoz khan and Aimen Siddiqui
Pages: 20-29  -  Viewed: 24  -  Downloaded: 7  -  Country: India
Case series of 5 patients of gout: Management through unani formulations (Habb-E-Suranjan)
Nighat Parveen, Mohd Mohsin and BD Khan
Pages: 30-34  -  Viewed: 23  -  Downloaded: 7  -  Country: India
A comprehensive study accentuating unani formulations as a natural health boosters
Ammar Ibne Anwar
Pages: 35-39  -  Viewed: 27  -  Downloaded: 11  -  Country: India
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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