International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine

2019, Vol. 3 Issue 4, Part APages: 18-21

Understanding of Guṇa and Karma in Viṣa Dravyas: A review

Ashish Bharti Goswami and Ramakant Marde
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The word Viṣa (poison) is originated from the term 'Viṣannat' means the one which causes Viṣāda (melancholy). According Ācāryās Viṣa Dravyas owns various Guṇas (Laghu, Rukṣa etc.) through which it performs various Karmas (actions) in Śārīra. Ācāryās are agreeing that a total ten number of Guṇas are present in Viṣa Dravya. Present study has been carried out to explore the Concept of Guṇa and Karma in Viṣa Dravyas. Our study reveals that in Bṛhattrayī there were addition of some other Guṇas such as Āśhu, Vyavāyī, Vikāśī, Anirdeśya Rasa, and Apākī apart from Gurvādi Guṇa. Scholars opine that the number of Guṇas should not be limited twenty as there may be various Guṇas in different contexts. In case of Ācārya Śārṅgdhara's eight Guṇas it can be considered as mixture of both Guṇa and Karma. Viṣa can act as potential antidote by understanding the concept Gati and Prabhāva. So it can be concluded that according to Guṇa and Karma Viṣa dravya can be lethal to Śārīra in both acute and chronic manner but it can be practiced therapeutically if used judiciously.
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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