International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine

2019, Vol. 3 Issue 3, Part APages: 09-13

Renal calculi and unani medicine: A review

Dr. KMdF Rahiman Siddiqui, Dr. Md. Ezazul Haq and Dr. WM Sarfaraz Nawaz
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Kidney stone disease is a crystal concretion formed usually within the kidneys. It is an increasing urological disorder of human health, affecting about 12% of the world population. Ancient Unani Literature is enriched in Hasaat-e-Kulya (Renal Stone), where as Unani physician described broadly the pathology, manifestation and treatment. In Unani system of medicine the drug used for renal calculus breaks the stone and then remove it groom urinary system.Pharmacologically it will be treated with single or either compound drugs such as Habbul Qilt, Duqu, Khare Khasak, Jawakhar, Hajrul Yahood, Aqrab Sokhta, Annanas, Aloobaloo, Majoon Hajrul Yahood, Qurs Kushta Hajrul Yahood, Majoon Aqrab, Sharbat Mudir, Habbe Mudir, Sharbat Ananas etc.
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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