International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine

2019, Vol. 3 Issue 2, Part APages: 05-07

Assessment of excessive vaginal discharge (Sailan-ur-Reham): A major, neglected health problem among Adolscents

Sumyyah Hasina Sana and Seema Ashraf
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Excessive vaginal discharge is a universal problem of women. It is one of the most common complaint of female referring to gynaecological clinics. It may be normal or a sign of infection. According to Unani system of medicine, excessive vaginal discharge (Sailan-ur-Reham) is due to poor quwwat-e- ghadiya (nutritive faculty) of the Reham (uterus) / excess of humours (Humoral theory by Buqrat). The present study aims to find out percentage of excessive vaginal discharge among adolescents, association of excessive vaginal discharge with other symptoms. This study was conducted on 80 girls of age group 13-19 years. Finding of study revealed that more than 36% of girls complained of excessive vaginal discharge with prevalent symptoms in descending order. Irritation & itching > Pallor > low Backache > fatigue/weakness > dysmenorrhea > foul smelling discharge > Stress > irregular cycles. Just 55% of girls have seeked medical advice for excessive vaginal discharge with associated symptoms and hardly present themselves in early stages, as they have poor understanding regarding vaginal discharge. In such cases proper counselling should be done, so that medical intervention could be done at earliest.
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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