International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine

2018, Vol. 2 Issue 3, Part APages: 32-38

Phytochemical screening and evaluation of antioxidant and thrombolytic activities of methanolic extract of Antidesma bunius L. (Family Euphorbiaceae) leaves

MD. Shariful Islam, MD. Morad Biswas, Fakhrul Islam Sukorno, Sabiha Ferdowsy Koly, MD. Sharif Ahammed, Shumaya Islam and Rajesh Goswami
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The purpose of this study was to evaluate total antioxidant capacity, free radical scavenging activity, thrombolytic activity and screening of phytochemical constituents. Total antioxidant capacity and free radical scavenging activity were determined by standard methods. In thrombolytic test clot lysis method was used. Phytochemical screening was done by characteristic color changes or color precipitate using standard phytochemical reaction methods. Results of the preliminary phytochemical screening of the methanolic extract of A. bunius L. leaves revealed the presence of various bioactive components which include saponins, steroids, alkaloids, flavonoids and proteins in the extract. The total antioxidant capacity of crude methanolic extract was also found very good compared to standard catechin. In DPPH assay the scavenging activity of the methanolic extract (IC50 3.10mg/ml) showed very good activity compared to standard BHT (IC50 2.30 mg/ml).The methanolic extract of leaves of A. bunius exhibited thrombolytic activity 21.1 %, thrombolytic activity respectively compared to standard streptokinase (61.31%) lysis of clot. It can be concluded that the methanolic extract of A. bunius leaves could be used in drug formulation because of its effective pharmacological properties. Hence, the plant may further be explored for its various pharmacological activities.
International Journal of Unani and Integrative Medicine
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